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CREATIVITY is our primal nature,..not only in expressing through paints, movements and voice but more so...with breathing, walking and being the artist of our own stories, our life being the canvas. We are all born powerful creators and through the womb of creation we are born. 


Creative Alchemy Process is about…


  • Harnessing the CONNECTION within, to the body, to other beings, to the all and to connectedness itself…How to be a CHANNEL through facilitation, through art, through any of your chosen medicine and offering to the world

  • A sacred space giving reverence to the all that supports us as we align to the voice of the cosmos and the wisdom of the earth, the elements, weaving magic, intentions, prayers and deep reverence to CEREMONIES

  • Unlearning, shedding off layers and masks of the self that no longer serve and invite CHANGE in parts of our life that will take you to the next level of service and existence.

  • Taking people into deep self inquiry, taking response-ability and expanding consciousness 

  • Awakening the SHAKTI and tapping into this unlimited Divine cosmic energy

  • Reclaiming the Voice through deep inner process and shamanic voice activations

  • CELEBRATION, Painting, Singing, Playing, Moving the body and exploration of this beautiful school that we call Life for this is our chosen Game to Play.


This process calls those who are ready to return to the authentic self, reclaim the TRUE VOICE, re-discover the unique expression before the conditionings happened and re-birth the self into who it is becoming. 


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self awakening process


Innerdance is a vibratory self-awakening process and Re-membering through a heightened awareness of mind, body, spirit and the vast wisdom within.

This experiential process begins on the mat and not the typical dance as we know. Everyone’s journey is unique according to what one is open for and ready to experience, access, heal, release, express, voice out, move, understand, activate and alchemise.

Music, channeled voice, live instruments, and “touch” all create the sensory immersion that activates the brainwave patterns to Journey into Dreamtime - Awake. It is an invitation to Allow, Trust and Surrender to come home to Wholeness...and Oneness in this potent time of global awakening.

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Flordeliza Pesigan is a Philippine born multi-disciplinary artist. Having grown up in the National Museum of the Philippines where her parents worked, the galleries became her playgrounds. The feast of visual experience from the masters’ works and visiting them everyday, was her art education together with a lot of self experimentation. She uses a broad spectrum of mediums and tools with her paintings, sculptures and performances. 


She has spent most of her life in United Arab Emirates where she started selling her artworks, gathered attention and a myriad of government and private collectors in Dubai and internationally.


In 2013 she started travelling to different parts of the world exploring and sharing her gifts in sound and energy healing works which eventually transitioned her art subjects from human emotions to consciousness.


She nowis a Soul Weaver, Creative Alchemist, and Way Shower assisting others into raw self-expression, authentic truthful living, self-mastery, and ascension. She integrates the power of Light code/Sound Alchemy transmissions, Art activations, Voice as medicine, Embodied Movements, Elemental wisdom and activations, Womb wisdom, Ceremonies, Intuitive guidance, Deep soul works and Self-awakening Inner Dance process in her offerings. She holds transformative, ceremonial, and creative sacred spaces, immersions, and facilitator trainings in service of the collective consciousness. 


Whether traveling or in her off-grid jungle home planting, she creates light encoded Medicine Soul Paintings, dances, sings, performs and supports birth journeys.



After being away from her country for 20 years, she has now again based herself in the Philippines tucked off-grid in the jungle and eco-village with a global community and continues to travel, explore and challenge her boundaries of creating her work be it visual, sound or performance and share her art as her voice and her voice as her art


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