'New Earth' Time-lapse

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'New Earth'
The core concept of my art piece is the manifestation of my immense passion for nature and the environment...'We are all inter-connected'. The earth is one wonderful organism that could sustain and restore itself, when given the chance. I wanted to travel to a recreated possibility in recognition to its complex simplicity and transport the viewer to the realm of a beautiful twist that is in my head...Introducing -- 'New Earth' in its infinite mystery that enfolds it.

Plunge in the water oh mighty tree
Through those veins, corals reveal their grace as they flee
Swimmers soar high and sing
As their fins dance with the wind

The ocean is my cap
Where king of birds glides in a smooth splash
To join thy kind and swim
Coldness of the blue envelop thy wings

I rest in the sky with the softest of clouds
Trees' hands travel down like an emerald gown
I shelter the sunshine beneath the soil
Entwined in my love, I sustain for all, and if any is hurt...I restore

'New Earth Photos'