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How you have evolved!

Flor dear,

I am very happy for what and where you are now, from those sketches of clothing/gowns to this, you indeed have evolved! I remember you drew us gowns for our debut, where are those? Even office attires, casual wear and all....i vividly remember you sitting in front of me in Statistics class sketching......

Flor, your work is beautiful, it exudes rawness and'll go far...we are very proud of you!

Olive Orate


Hi Flor,

I wanted to post a comment to your site to express just how beautiful your paintings are.

How rare it is to find someone who can portray such realistic portraits and then present equally creative and impressive abstract works.

Never stop painting! You are an inspiration.
Kirstiie Cullen


Great website I have put a link on my site to yours!
Hope you do the same for me!!
peter dorrell


i owe u photos of the paintings on my wall
look forward to expanding my collection and being the envy of my friends!!
keep up the good work
bal raju